SLASHER MONTH: Hollow Gate (1988)

At a Halloween party ten years ago, a young boy named Mark Walters was almost killed by his drunken, alcoholic father who tried to drown him in the apple bobbing water. Now, the boy has grown up and is ready to begin a murder spree.

Mark is off his pills, he’s killed the grandmother who raised him and he’s having a party at Hollow Gate that will draw in plenty of victims. He’s not to be screwed with or made to watch you screw. A young couple that makes fun of him by making out in a car while he watches are surprised when he sets a fuse and blows them up real good. And if you turn him down to go see the movies, he’s going to strangle you.

Maybe don’t even go around Mark.

He also takes a page out of Terror Train and Bloody Mania by switching costumes with every kill. Mark takes that even further by having whole characters — an English foxhunter, a soldier, a doctor and a rancher — that he plays while he puts teenagers in the ground.

There are also two golden retriever that know how to kill and are just so happy about it.

Hollow Gate isn’t great, but the more bad slashers come out this century, the better it gets.

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