The Crickets Dance (2020)

Angie Lawrence should have it all. She has a great job — she’s an attorney — and she’s gorgeous. But she’s trapped by her past and soon, moves into the past as she inherits an antebellum mansion that has a diary detailing the slavery and injustice that happened in the house.

This is Veronica Robledo’s first full-length movie and it was based on the book by Deborah Robillard. The movie is largely based on her own life and experiences growing up in the deep south.

I’m always happy to see Bill Oberst Jr. show up in a movie and he’s suitably sinister in this, as he always does best. I’m usually not one for romantic historical tales, but hey, I can be open every once in awhile.

The Crickets Dance is available October 26 on digital and on demand platforms, including iTunes, Comcast, Dish, Verizon, Prime Video, Google Play, Vudu and Telus in the U.S and Canada. You can learn more on the official Facebook page.

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