SLASHER MONTH: Inside Amy (1974)

Also known as Swinger’s Massacre and Super Swinging Playmates, this is the kind of scuzzy, ugly and dingy movie that doesn’t even try to make its sex sexy. Instead, it’s just an excuse for a man to lose control of his perfect life and gradually become a killer.

Charlie is an older suburbanite lawyer who has been married to his gorgeous wife Amy for about ten years. He feels like their love life has been stilted, despite her claiming that she’ll do anything he wants. And what he wants is to swing, because it’s 1974, and heads to a party thinking that once he’s there, his old man body will turn all the ladies on. Well, shockingly he gets one willing lover but can’t perform while his wife does more than enjoy herself. She soon becomes the one asking him to engage with other lovers.

Before you know it, anyone who has ever touched Amy must die.

Shot inside Filthy McNasty’s, a bar on the Sunset Strip where Evel Knievel, Phyllis Diller, Elvis Presley and Mick Jagger once were regulars and would one day become the Viper Room, many years after this movie was forgotten.

Directed by Ron Garcia and shot back-to-back with most of the same cast and crew as Don Jones’ Abduction, this movie somehow has Uschi Digard, Marsha Jordan and Rene Bond in its cast and still comes off as one of the unsexiest sexual films you’ll ever see. Garcia also made The Toy Box, which plays in a very similar space but is somehow even stranger. It’s like he wanted people to think that his movies were titilating and then, he’d club them over the head with weirdness or just plain brutal scenes of murder. No wonder he directed several episodes of Silk Stalkings.

Look, if you’re Charlie and you can’t rise to the occasion when you’re in bed with Jordan, who was in plenty of Harry Novak movies and Count Yorga, well I guess that your only choice is to start killing all your swinger friends. Good thing Viagra finally was created.

The thing is, Charlie is presented as sympathetic when he’s the one that wanted to be part of the free love scene, talking his wife into it and just because she’s enjoying pleasure and just because others are enjoying her, well, be careful what you ask for. Sure, it’s problematic, but if you’re looking for a great message in a 1974 exploitation movie that Something Weird release, maybe you should sit and spin.

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