SLASHER MONTH: I Must Fall (2018)

I’ve always wondered what happens after a slasher murders their victim and the crime scene cleanup guys show up. What must it be like to show up to clean all the blood, eyeballs, gristle and gore? I Must Fall (originally One Must Fall) is the first film from Antonio Pantoja and it answers that question.

When Sarah — joined by her best friend and roommate Alton — quits her job rather than sleep with her boss, she ends up working cleanup after a gory series of murders. But has the killer left the building? We wouldn’t have a movie if they did.

While the film calls up all of the slasher moments that we know and love, I really enjoyed how the killer (Barry Piacente) sees what he is doing as a holy mission, even allowing a character to pray to God to have someone rescue him, giving fate the opportunity to turn things around.

This is also a movie that does not skimp on the gore or on the damage to its leads. I was shocked by some of what happens in this movie and — spoiler — cheered on the close, as Sarah returns to get revenge on the boss who caused so much of her trauma.

Most modern slashers are quite frankly worthless. I found a fair deal to enjoy here, which is high praise.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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