The Old Ways (2020)

Talk about going pretty far for a story. Cristina Lopez, a Mexican-American reporter, has come back to her hometown near Veracruz — do I needlessly need to remind horror movie characters to never go home again — to write about witchcraft when she became the story itself as the bruja believes that Cristina is possessed. Well, you know, when your mother was possessed and that demon left you all scratched up too, you kind of become a suspect.

That demon could also be her heroin addiction. Just maybe.

Or maybe it is the demon Postehki, who makes her throw up hair and black ooze.

Or maybe it’s both?

Regardless, Cristina must live up to the title — the old ways — to become the bruja of her village and successfully repel the demon — and others like it — once and for all.

I really liked how this film blended Mexican folk horror with the traditional possession film moments. Director Christopher Alender and writer Marcos Gabriel worked together on Memorial Day way back in 1999 before returning to their horror roots. With the success of this film, I can say that some people can go home again.

There’s an amazing moment when teeth and snakes get pulled out of Cristina. It only gets wilder from there.

You can watch this on Netflix.

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