SLASHER MONTH: Fatal Exam (1990)

Written, directed, produced and edited by Jack Snyder, this movie was made in 1985 and released in 1990. It concerns a group of college students who must spend the night inside a haunted house in order for their supernatural and the occult class. So they do what college students do — they get drunk, high and laid — and just when they think they’re in the middle of a prank, a very real grim reaper begins killing them off.

To get there takes over an hour, time during which the forty-something twenty-year-olds in this movie drink lots of beer and talk a whole bunch and then drink some more and then chat some more and then wander around and then drink some more.

A warning — this movie is two hours long. Maybe more. And yet there are two minutes of stop motion demon that kind of make it all worthwhile, along with a synth score that just drones on. But mostly, it’s dudes with mustaches chatting and drinking, if that’s your thing.

Fatal Exam was barely released in any format and never officially made available on disc, Vinegar Syndrome restored it in 2K from the 16mm original camera negative and included it on their Home Grown Horrors Volume One box set along with Winterbeast and Beyond Dream’s Door. You can also watch this on Tubi.

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