SALEM HORROR FEST: Miss Blueberry Beauty Pageant (2019)

Written and directed by Sarah Kennedy, Miss Blueberry Beauty Pageant brings you back to 1984 as three finalists — Sandra (Joanna Clark), Maribelle (Hannah Elaine Perry) and Daisy (Jericah Potvin) — realize that they may not survive to win their tiara. Thomas Ian Campbell is great in this as The Host and I love the way his sale copy reveals exactly what is going on.

Beauty pageants are frightening enough, but when you throw in vampires — the main one at the end is incredibly cool — things get so much better. While this is quite short — you can see how it could be an entire movie — it’s also packed with some hilarious moments.

Miss Blueberry Beauty Pageant is now playing Salem Horror Fest. When we have streaming info, we’ll share it in this post. For now, you can follow that link to buy a festival badge and check out several other films during October. You can learn more about this short at the official Facebook page.

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