SLASHER MONTH: Death by Dialogue (1988)

Slasher film coincidences: five friends visit a crippled uncle, a taxidermist who lives next to a movie set, and they all start dying just like the movie that’s being made.

This was all we needed in 1988, you know?

Also, this movie had the tagline “Ken Sagos, the kid who survived Nightmare on Elm Street 3 is back!” I mean, that’s better than “Ken Sagos, the kid who Freddy killed in Nightmare on Elm Street 4 is back!”

I mean, how many movies have a cursed screenplay to blame? And how many have a metal band — The Dirty Dogs — play a song called “When the Axe Comes Down” and then blow a dude’s head up real good? And dude — thanks to the website We Are Cursed to Live In Interesting Times, I can tell you that the songs in Death by Dialogue were produced by Brett Gurewitz of Bad Religion and founder of Epitaph Records.

There’s also a girl taking off someone’s head with a scarf.

Death by Dialogue is way too long, but how can a movie get better when a woman sets a man ablaze with a flamethrower? That said, this is a movie not aware of its own stupidity, which is really how it should be, and it just keeps piling on the inanity and sometimes, you just let a goofball slasher and Ken Sagos star vehicle fill your slasher addict veins with sweet movie drugs.

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