SLASHER MONTH: My Brother Has Bad Dreams (1972)

Writer/director Robert Emery made one hell of a movie here. Seriously, this is one of the most downbeat movies that I’ve ever seen and yet it’s one that you can’t turn away from. I mean, this is a movie where the lead, Karl, is a stunted child of a man who jerks off to his sister and constantly lives under the shadow of a brutal moment in his family’s history that he witnessed. So what happens when a drifter enters his world of mannequins, monsters and barely repressed and maybe inherited murderous needs?

This feels very stagy and I say that with complete love and respect. There are long stretches of dialogue by actors perhaps not ready for the complexity of what they’ve been given to say and yet it still more than works for me.

Strangely enough, so much of this film reminds me of Pin, which also has a mannequin and sister obsessed virgin of a murderous man and ends on a much different note. And oh yes — no spoilers here — this movie has one of the most audacious, astounding and just plain what did I just watch endings of any movie I’ve ever seen.

Also known as Scream Bloody Murder — and it has nothing to do with the other Scream Bloody Murder — this Tampa-filmed slice of exploitation is practically screaming for a label to clean it up, have someone smarter and more social media-connected than me do a commentary track and give it a collectible slip case.

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