FANTASTIC FEST: Some Like It Rare (2021)

Sophie and Vincent have run the family butcher shop for a decade, but business is bad. So bad that it’s on the brink of bankruptcy and so is their marriage. Yet what turns things around? When Vincent kills a vegan activist who had vandalized their business. And when he butchers the body and his wife accidentally sells it and customers can’t stop lining up and the two fall in love again, who is to say that some murder and cannibalism can be bad things?

So yeah — Sophie only cares about serial killer shows and Vincent only cares about their dog Chubster and by the end, well, their marriage of thirty years feels as fresh as that new cut they have in the case.

Get ready for plenty of the blackest of the black humor, as vegan hunting becomes the couple’s new sport. And people find that new special pig, that artisanal taste, so exquisite. Now, this is no Eating Raoul — what is — but I had fun watching it.

The French Some Like It Rare — known as Barbaque in their country — isn’t streaming yet in the U.S. outside of Fantastic Fest. If you like some dark humor, keep your eye out for this one.

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