SLASHER MONTH: Rush Week (1989)

Toni Daniels doesn’t want to write the same college newspaper stories as everyone else at Tambler College. Luckily for her — or maybe not — there’s been a series of on-campus disappearances and at least one murder, all connected to Rush Week (and that one murder connected to a nude modeling session inside the science building that had to be for the infamous “foreign investors”).

Rush Week came way late to the slasher boom and as such has been forgotten. Leave it to the maniacs at Vinegar Syndrome to find it, fix it up and then explain to us just why it has merit. One of the joys of this movie is that it springs major music surprises on you, like The Dickies showing up and a random Gregg Allman cameo as a character named Cosmo Kincaid.

There’s also some star power with Roy Thinnes as Dean Grail and Kathleen Kinmont, who was in Bride of the Re-Animator and Halloween 4 as Kelly Meeker, makes an appearance.

This movie straddles the line of giallo and slasher, not for any artistic merit, but for the m.o. of its killer, who wants to purify the college of all of the sinful women who keep taking nude modeling jobs and posing in the buff in lecture halls. What Have They Done with Your Daughters?

Director Bob Bralver is mostly known for his stunt work, but he’s directed plenty of TV — The A-TeamRiptideKnight Rider — and also made American Ninja 5 and Midnight. You may be forgiven if you think that this resembles a TV movie, as it’s relatively bloodless, but it replaces any viscera with more nude flesh than several films — if that’s your thing. I mean, you’re reading our site so it probably is.

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