2021 Scarecrow Psychotronic Challenge Day 3: Hee-Man: Master of None (1985)

3. HIGH SPIRITS: Tickle your funny bones with a side splitter, a gut buster, a real scream. Go on, laugh your head off!

Getting to theaters — at least in the Phillipines — two years before the Cannon Masters of the UniverseHee-Man: Master of None is based more on the Filmation cartoon series than any other incarnation of the Eternia mythos. Yes, that’s right, there are multiple continuities to keep track of if you love He-Man.

But this isn’t He-Man and Prince Adam. This is Hee-Man and Herman.

Herman grew up not knowing that he was a prince destined to save the planet from his enemies. Now, guided by Bato, he seeks King Artuz and Queen Guadalupe to discover his real origin and to battle the forces of evil led by Black Tengko.

You shouldn’t expect too much in the way of effects. Actually, you shouldn’t expect much of this to even look like the toys or the cartoon. This is one of those things best experienced as a cultural oddity and a way to thank the universe for continuing to throw strange things our way.

Director Tony Y. Reyes created quite a few of these pop culture parodies, incuding Bobo CopSheman: Mistress of the UniverseSuper Mouse and the RoboratsAlyas Batman and Robin and Goosebusters. As of 2019, he was still directing.

For some reason, people have seized on the Letterboxd entry for this to log the Aziz Ansari show Master of None. Come on people. Do the work and watch a He-Man ripoff that has cardboard weapons. Your life will be better for it.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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