Satan Place: A Soap Opera from Hell (1988)

The SOV format is pretty much made for horror anthologies. There’s a great story in here about a girl who watches a horror movie host all day long and tries to figure out how to murder her mother. This has more of a brain than you’d expect it to — I would assume that the feminine edge came from Melanie Johnson, who wrote this with Scott Aschbrenner and Alfred Ramirez. I mean, there’s still a story where a man kills his wife and puts her down the garbage disposal — he gets his, stay tuned — but it’s not the typical gore for the sake of gore that most SOV is all about.

There are also some great trailers for movies that never happened, like Bathroom BulliesPretty Girl FloydMissouri Mop MassacreNursing Home Revenge and Don’t Go Into the Kitchen.

There’s also a Satanic wraparound, which is always appreciated.

It’s not perfect, but this feels like the kind of movie that — were it on the shelf of one of the two rental stores in my hometown — I would have gone back and rented again and again. I mean, drunk drivers dealing with zombies is always something that I seem to enjoy in an anthology.


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