I Miss You, Hugs and Kisses (1978)

Also known as Drop Dead Dearest and Left for Dead, this Canadian movie is based on the case of Peter Demeter, a Hungarian-born, Toronto-based real estate developer convicted in 1974 of hiring a hitman named “The Duck” to murder his wife in what may be the longest trial in Canadian history. It was also one of the more sensational ones, as Demeter’s wife Christine was a much young and more attractive person than her husband.

Even better, both Peter and Christine were trying to kill one another to collect a $1 million dollar insurance policy. While Peter claimed he was innocent, he was later charged with trying to arrange the kidnapping and murder of the son of his cousin, who was managing his affairs.

Elke Sommer plays Christine, here known as Magdalene Kruschen, in the fictionalized retelling of the real tale. Compared to the other section 2 video nasties, this doesn’t really seem up to the gory label, but there you go. It was eventually released in the UK as Drop Dead Dearest in 1986 by Heron Video after 66 seconds of head blows, clubbings and a scene where a woman’s dead body being sexually caressed was all cut from the film.

More courtroom drama than vile exploitation — and therefore not a video nasty that anyone but the completists track down — this was the last movie by writer, director and producer Murray Markowitz.

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