Wrong Way (1972)

Made under the title Bad Scene, the British cuts to this movie took out fifteen minutes of footage, taking the film’s total down to under an hour. I can completely imagine what they cut, as this movie  has multiple assault scenes that last so long that they become an actual assault on the viewer.

Two girls named Nancy and Kathy (Laurel Canyon and Candy Sweet) are on their way home when their car breaks down, which leads to them getting attacked by drug-addled hippies, soon followed by a Satanic cult who also abuses them and then plans on killing them. That’s it, that’s the movie. Some movies push past the actual act of sexual violence and concentrate on the revenge or the escape, but this one and done by director Ray Williams.

So once the cult kidnaps them, you’d think that the cops would find them or get invovled, right? No because now we move to another story where a female heroin addict is kidnapped, assaulted and sent to Mexico before the cops forget Nancy and Kathy and rescue her.

There’s a biker named Crabs because he has crabs. This is utter garbage and not in the right way. I have no idea who thought they could release this movie in the UK in the early 80s and it kind of makes every other movie in the section 3 video nasty category look positively classy and well-made by comparison. Horrible.

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