Sexy Cat (1972)

A Spanish television crew is making a TV show based on a comic book called Sexy Cat, which is all about the adventures of a sexy Diabolik-style female killer, yet they’re now being murdered one by one by Sexy Cat herself. She’s even killed her creator, who had hired a detective named Mike Cash to figure out who really owns the rights to the creation. But if she’s real who owns her?

Each of her murders matches issues of the comic book — a snake placed in an actress’ apartment, murder by plastic bag that seems like Black Christmas yet these were made across the world from one another at the same time, crushing them under junkyard debris and just old fashioned slashing with claws.

Director Julio Pérez Tabernero had to have had his heart in the sexy side of this movie more than the giallo, as his resume speaks to numerous horizontally inclined movies like Hot Panties, Con las bragas en la mano (With Panties In Hand) and Midnight Party, which he made with Jess Franco.

There’s a lot to like here, like the pop art moments and murders, but I wanted more to love. Then again, Spanish giallo is a fickle mistress and doesn’t always achieve perfect art.

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