Silip Daughters of Eve (1985)

On the beautiful and remote beaches of Ilocos Norte, three women struggle to come to terms with their own carnal nature while coming up against religious repression and male brutality in this movie that more resembles a Japanese Pinky violence movie than something from the Philippines.

Tonya (Maria Isabel Lopez, a former Miss Universe Philippines) and Selda (Sarsi Emmanuelle) are sisters, but they are diametrically opposed to one another. Tonya is repressed while Selda has already bedded an American lover and is now after Simon, the man that Tonya loves and keeps turning down.

I have no idea how this film escaped the Marcos regime and no clue how it is somehow both a powerful examination of the way that religion can destroy and also one of the sleaziest movies I’ve seen. Also, for those of you who are disturbed by real animal violence, I would fast forward the movie about five minutes from the start and just catch up.

The Mondo Macabro blu ray release is the worldwide HD debut of this movie. It comes complete with commentary from Filipino film expert Andrew Leavold, a new interview with Sarsi Emmanuelle and interviews with Maria Isabel Lopez, director Elwood Perez and the film’s art director Gerry Pascual from the previous Mondo Macabro DVD version of this motion picture.

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