Witches of Blackwood (2021)

Originally titled The UnlitWitches of Blackwood is all about a police officer named Cassie going back home to deal with the death of her father and being put on leave after witnessing the suicide of a young man. You know what I always tell horror movie protagonists: do not ever go back home to put the affairs of your family in order.

The town of Blackwood is now nearly empty save for the animal mutilations and feels haunted before the witches of the title make their presence known. Yes, this is folk horror, but Australian folk horror, so that’s a new one for me.

Directed by Kate Whitbread and written by Darren Markey, this is a journey into the past of not just the town, but Cassie’s entire family, illuminating the truths that she did not know about where her mother went, why she’s felt like she does not belong within our world and exactly why the man murdered himself in front of her.

You can learn more at the movie’s official website and Facebook page.

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