Belcebú, soy tu puta del infierno (2005)

Satan is a lustful lesbian rock chick out to seduce satanic rock star Belcebu — who asks his fans to kill themselves for him — with the promise of eternal life.

Sounds good? Well, Troma distributed this and I was ready to just shut the whole thing off, but as you may notice in other reviews, the last five minutes deliver the kind of Satanic orgy that you don’t often see outside of a Tim Vigil comic book.

IMDB lists this as a TV movie, but I have no idea how this played on TV with that ending that’s filled with crucifixions, blood, demon bats, a monstrous beast having doggy style sex while blazing with the hand cannons, an impalement and things blowing up real good.

There’s a lot to get through to get there, like I said, like the hard scrabble tale of Belcebu’s sex worker ex. Look, if you’re going to call your movie I’m Your Whore from Hell just get to that big blowoff quickly.

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