Trancers 6 (2002)

If you can’t get Tim Thomerson, use stock footage or have him jump into the body of his daughter Josephine (Zette Sullivan). Oh Full Moon, you are as cheap as you are sometimes loveable. The Trancers are just as deadly, but you know, Jack’s a girl now. Or old footage. But mostly a lady.

We neglected to mention that there was another sequel which was to be part of the Full Moon anthology Pulse Pounders called Trancers: City of Lost Angels that was on the old Trancers DVD and shows up on the blu ray release. It has Thomerson and Helen Hunt teaming up as an old enemy of Jack’s named Edlin Shock escapes a maximum security facility and comes after our hero.

So yeah. Trancers 6. Did you ever accept a wedding invite and then break up with someone and the two of you still decide to go together but it feels like an obligation and while there are some alright parts, you just can’t wait to have it all be over? Yeah. It feels like that.

That said, Sullivan is pretty decent and had some coaching — so says IMDB so take that with a grain of Trancers — from Thomerson, who told her to act like Steve McQueen, only more pissed off.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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