Voodoo Man (1944)

Originally written as Tiger Man by author Andrew Colvin — uncredited, of course — Voodoo Man was made in seven days along with Return of the Ape Man and was the last film that Bela Lugosi would make for Monogram.

This movie really has a dream cast. For me at least. There’s British character actor George Zucco (House of FrankensteinThe Mummy’s Tomb) as a gas station owner. And there’s Bela as a doctor who captures gorgeous women and takes their life essence. And oh yes, John Carradine as the assistant who plays the bongos.

Our hero Ralph (Tod Andrews, who played the doctor in The Baby) of course comes through by the end, then writes a script about his experiences called Voodoo Man and suggests that Bela Lugosi appears in it. Yes, they made references like this back in 1944.

Voodoo Man was directed by William Beaudine, who made perhaps the most important exploitation movie of all time, Mom and Dad.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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