Troublesome Night 2 (1997)

The second in this series of 19 — 19! — films starts with Anita (Amanda Lee, House of Mahjong) mourning the death of her boyfriend and calling DJ Cheung Fat (Allen Ting, who is in the first three of this series), who jokes that maybe she should kill herself if she misses him so badly. She does and her ghosts haunts him. Wow — what a downbeat way to start off what was set up as a fun horror anthology.

In the second chapter, a group of friends on a boat trip save a mysterious woman from the wreckage of another vessel. The moment she is on their boat, the supernatural comes with her, leaving the young people all alone, surrounded by uncaring waters and an army of ghosts.

Then, another DJ — DJ Sam (Louis Koo, who was in the first seven of these movies) — quits his job because of the deaths of his co-workers in the past stories. To get over his grief, he starts street racing but then encounters a ghost of his own as he races through the night streets.

With most of the same cast as Troublesome Night and more of an edge, you may find something to enjoy in this one.

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