10/31 Part 2 (2019)

The last film that we review after watching around thirty or more horror anthologies in a week, 10/31 Part 2 starts with a series of fun trailers, including “Treaters” by Zane Hershberger, the cinematographer of The Barn; “Truck Squatch” by John Hale; “The Candy Taker” by Robert Lanphere, Cryptids and the hilarious “The October Kids” by Brett DeJager of BoneJangles.

Malvolia the Queen of Screams presents several stories from different directors in this film, such as “A Samhain Liturgy,” a babysitter tale with a twist that grows progressively darker — and better — as the story continues. It’s directed by Tory van Buskirk, who also contributed the “Sister Mary” story.

Stephen Wolfe’s “Dead Lift” is up next, the tale of why you don’t pick up strange passengers, even if you’re a rideshare driver. Wolfe also directed Doll Factory, which we covered a few years back.

I kind of wish Max Groah’s (Bong of the Living Dead) segment “Apache Hatchet Massacre 2” and Drew Maverick’s (Pool Party Massacre) “Overkill” had been cut down to trailers, as there are fun moments, but they would work better just getting the good parts out there. They’re also both slasher pastiches right in a row and would probably work better if another story was between them.

They’re already planning a third film in this series and I’ll definitely watch it. None of the segments are as good as the first or the trailers, but it’s still a very competent film and producer/composer Rocky Gray put together a great project and soundtrack.

10/31 Part 2 is available on demand from Terror Films. You can learn more at the official site and the official Facebook page.

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