Brotherhood of Satan (1971)

We’re all over this movie. Dustin Fallon reviewed it for us. So did R. D Francis. Sam took a shot at it and even appeared with Groovy Doom and Drive-In Asylum’s Bill Van Ryn on Scream Queenz to dish on its Satanic majesty.

Now, Arrow Video has released this 70s shocker on blu ray and we couldn’t be more excited.

Ben is a recent widower, but hey — he’s taking his new girl Nicky on a road trip and making out with her whenever he can. Unfortunately, that trip also has his daughter K.T. (fake Jan Geri Reischl) along for the ride and she’s perfectly ready to drip sticky melted snow cone all over her new mommy’s face and ruin some side of the road necking.

The journey takes them to the town of Hillsboro, where the townspeople have been hiding from a great evil that seems to be killing everyone and making their children go missing. And the murders? Well, toys are involved and people are reduced to madness just by confronting the evil in their midst.

Strother Martin is Doc Duncan, who is either the human behind all of this or Satan himself and man, he’s great in this movie. Everyone is. It’s a low budget drive-in film, sure, but it’s also astoundingly sure of itself and a film that presents itself with great intelligence. It has one hell of an exploitation title but also has so many disquieting moments that will stay with you long after you finish watching.

The new Arrow Video release has a great looking version of the film, plus brand new audio commentary by writers Kim Newman and Sean Hogan, a video essay by David Flint entitled Satanic Panic: How the 1970s Conjured the Brotherhood of Satan, an exclusive new interview with actors Jonathan Erickson Eisley and Alyson Moore, plus original trailers and TV and radio ads.

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