Philippine War Week: Deadly Commando (1982)

Also known as Suicide Force, this film comes to us from the dual directing team of Nick Cacas (Jungle Fighters and the Ron Marchini-starring Forgotten Warrior) and Segundo Ramos (who has fifty-six films to his credit, but let’s go with Eastwood and Bronson as an example, a movie that has Richard Gomez and Joey Marquez playing the two action heroes in a parody film).

An American general has been kidnapped by Muslim separatists and Captain Borbon and his Savage Six have been released from a military prison to bring him back alive. They’re joined by Adora, a rebel whose brother is the very person who kidnapped the general and wants nothing more than for the war to never end.

Every one of these Vietnam in the Philippines movies ends with a gigantic explosion and this one is no different, however, the last minute of this movie is completely wild.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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