Chanoc y el hijo del Santo contra los Vampiros Asesinos (1983)

Just over a year after his retirement in late January 1984, Santo removed his mask just enough to expose his face on national television. This was the only time that he had shown his face in public and is considered him saying goodbye to the public, as he died only one week later. He was buried in his mask and ten thousand people gathered to say goodbye.

This film was made a year before and features El Santo sitting inside a cave where we can see the famous silver mask in a glass case. He asks a young man in sunglasses if he is ready to accept the family’s tradition of fighting for the common man and serving justice*. Santo tosses a smoke capsule at the young man, who emerges as El Hijo del Santo and embraces his father, who walks away from the rest of the film.

Chanoc** (Nelson Velazquez) and his sidekick Tzekub (Arturo Cobo) have been tossed into the ocean by smugglers and are rescued by El Hijo del Santo (who only appears in his mask three times and instead wears those shades to hide his identity) and his sidekick Carlitos (Carlos Suarez). As for the vampires in the title, the gang members are merely dressing as them to scare people away.

I wanted to enjoy this movie but I realize the further from reality lucha films stray, the more I tend to love them. This is not one that transcends our day to day drudgery.

You can watch this on YouTube.

*Thanks to Cult Faction, I can share that speech: ““My son, you have been preparing to take my place. I’ve taught you to love the poor and the weak, and now you are ready to help them and defend them, to fight for justice and the law. And above all, to be the friend of the people. I am going to present you with this mask, which has been my pride and my emblem. When you put it on, you will have to honour it always, even when your own existence is endangered. If you feel capable of consecrating your life, swear to it as I did. But first, you have to know one thing: once you put it on, you can never go back. Now tell me, are you willing?”

**Chanoc is an adventurer and fisherman who comes from the comics and has appeared in Chanoc,  Chano en las garras de las fierasChanoc contra el tigre y el vampiroChanoc en las tarántulasChanoc en el foso de las serpientesChanoc en la isla de los muertos and Chanoc en el circo union.

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