La Venganza de las Mujeres Vampiro (1970)

After we watch the vampire Mayra get staked while in her coffin, the action movies to present Day Mexico and Dr. Brancov and his men take her coffin and bring it back to his lab. There, they use human blood to bring the queen of the vampires back to infernal life. You know whose blood they’re going to use? Go-go dancers.

This movie is already better than anything that will be release in our lifetimes.

One of Santo’s ancestors is the one who stopped Mayra last time, so she’s out to kill our hero before he can kill her, including slipping his opponent brass knuckles, trying to cloud his mind while he wrestles and even stabbing him while he sleeps.

This is the kind of movie that can have a disco be a hunting group for vampires, a Satanic sacrifice and a monster in the depths of a mad scientists lab one scene after the other. Trust me, lucha movies will ruin your ability to enjoy any other film drama, much less Merchant Ivory films.

Also: not even the first* or second ** or third time*** that Santo fought vampires!

*El Santo contra las Vampiras Mujeres

**El Barón Brakola

***Santo en El tesoro de Drácula

You can watch this on YouTube.

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