SHARK WEAK: 6-Headed Shark Attack (2018)

Can you believe that there’s an entire Multi-Headed Shark franchise? There was a 2-Headed Shark Attack and 3-Headed Shark Attack and 5-Headed Shark Attack and now, a six-headed one that ends up on an island near Corazon where several couples have come to work out their various issues.

This thing is absolutely horrifying, because it’s not just a shark but a monstrous starfish-esque six-headed great white shark that can regrow heads immediately after they’re chopped off. I should by all rights hate this movie — The Asylum are notorious for their Troma-esque films —  but you know, when you see a six-headed apex predator wandering the beach like a demented sand crab you just have to lie back and enjoy it. After all, how many movies discuss government animal experiments in the 70s as the reason for all of this?

Mark Atkins already made Sand SharksPlanet of the Sharks and Empire of the Sharks, so why not this movie? Obviously I am in for 7-Headed Shark Attack at some point.

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