The Terrornauts (1967)

I’ll give The Terrornauts two things: It has a great poster with the tagline “The virgin sacrifice to the gods of a ghastly galaxy!” and it’s only 75 minutes long. Based on The Wailing Asteroid by Murray Leinster, this film was double-billed with The Came from Beyond Space (which we’ll review directly after this) and both are considered amongst the worst films that Amicus released.

Project Star Talk has just ninety days to succeed in its mission to listen for radio signals from intelligent life from outer space. A message brings the entire team of Star Talk to an asteroid where they must defeat an entire planet of savages who are the last survivors of a galactic war. If they don’t, their evil planet will make its way to destroy Earth.

This was directed by Montgomery Tully, who also directed the Edgar Wallace story The Man Who Was Nobody twice — once for TV and again for theaters. He also made Battle Beneath the Earth.

I really want to see the movie that the poster is advertising more than what was made.

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