The Comic (1985)

This movie feels like it belongs to no set time and space. I can freely admit that it’s not good, but also that I’m fascinated by it. If asked to describe it in ten words or less, I’d say, “Imagine if Cafe Flesh was about comedy and not good.”

It’s set in a fascist police set of the future, but shot on the sets of Freddie Francis’ The Doctor and the Devils. Nobody bothered to clean those sets, so they are covered with straw. This movie is to straw as Conquest is to fog.

Sam Coex (Steve Munroe) is a stand-up comedian who can’t get booked, so he kills — not like you kill on stage — his rival Joey Myers, buries him in his garden and takes over his career, becoming a big success. He starts sleeping with stripper named Ann all while the zombified Joey starts to haunt him An American Werewolf in London-style.

You have to wonder what the Welsh miners and doctors whose hard-earned money went to funding this thought when they saw the final result. As for its writer and director, Richard Driscoll, he was found guilty of a $2.3 million tax fraud over the invoices for his movie Eldorado, which starred Daryl Hannah, Caroline Munro, Brigitte Nielsen, Peter O’Toole, Rik Mayall, David Carradine, Jeff Fahey, Steve Guttenberg and Michael Madsen. He served three years in jail for the crime. Some would say his worst offenses would be the films that he makes, which are Bruno Mattei-esque jabs at recreating other films like Kannibal (Silence of the Lambs) and at least two movies with a title close to Grindhouse.

Man, now I have a whole new thing to be obsessed about and yet, I know in my heart that the films of Driscoll are not in any way good. Such is how it goes. Also, the lovemaking scenes in this movie disturbed me and I grew up watching the Dark Brothers films, so just imagine the things that I have seen.

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