Junesploitation recap!

We were excited to take part in the 9th annual Junesploitation, a month-long celebration of exploitation and genre film that’s sponsored by F This Movie!

Here are the movies that we watched!

DAY 1: 80s action
Pray for Death

DAY 2: Slasher
Nightmare Sisters

DAY 3: Henry Silva
Cry of a Prostitute

DAY 4: Western
A Town Called Hell

DAY 5: Revenge
From Hell It Came

DAY 6: Free
The Astrologer

DAY 7: Sword and Sorcery
Deathstalker IV

DAY 8: Blacksploitation
Black Force and Truck Turner

DAY 9: Italian horror

DAY 10: Scott Adkins
Accident Man

DAY 11: Vigilantes
The Annihilators

DAY 12: Science fiction
Legion of Iron

DAY 13: 80s comedy
Private Lessons

DAY 14: Kung fu
Ninja Zombie

DAY 15: Sequels
Curse 2: The Bite

DAY 16: Cannon
Enter the Ninja and Keaton’s Cop

DAY 17: Lucio Fulci
My Sister-In-Law

DAY 18: Free
The Passover Plot

DAY 19: Jackie Chan
Fantasy Mission Force

DAY 20: Musical
Pennies from Heaven

DAY 21: Julie Stain
Babes In Kong Land and Die, Delta, Die

DAY 22: Zombies

DAY 23: 90s action

DAY 24: Free
The Opponent

DAY 25: Cars

DAY 26: 80s horror

DAY 27: Cops
A Special Cop In Action

DAY 28: Free
Street Law

DAY 29: Gangsters
The Cynic, The Rat and the Fist

DAY 130: Vampires
Blood for Dracula

You can also check out our Letterboxd list.

If you’ve come here from reading one of our Juneploitation posts, we hope you’ll keep coming back to read what we have to say about movies! Thanks to F This Movie! for making June such a fun month.

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