Girl from Tobacco Row (1966)

One of my favorite things about Ron Ormond’s movies is that he brings back old western stars — often to my surprise — and gives them work long after Hollywood stopped hiring them. The congregation in this movie is led by Reverend E.F. Bolton, who is played by Tex Ritter, a singing cowboy who was the father of John Ritter and the Oscar-winning writer of “The Ballad of High Noon” from High Noon.

Bolton’s ministry is about to be tested, because a convict named Earl “Snake” Richards — played by Earl “Snake” Richards — is looking for some stolen cash in town before being taken in by the preacher’s son Tim (Tim Ormond, always a welcome sight) and falling for his daughter Nadine* (Rachel Romen, Maggie from Run, Angel, Run!). Also, his wife Rita is played by Rita Fey, who also is in Ormond’s The Burning Hell.

Country DJ and one-time The Nashville Network staple Ralph Emery shows up as a hit man, as Snake is being watched by the mob. He has a vision that he’s going to die surrounded by money and, well, he gets what he wants. If you’re wondering, who is that Vic Naro who plays the crime boss, well it’s Ron Ormond.

For a movie that promises, “A girl wilder than a peach orchard hog!” this is all pretty innocent. But it’s also crazy, because it somehow goes from preaching to country music to crime, sometimes all in the same moment.

*Nadine has some serious daddy issues, lusting after older men by literally screaming, “When you see snow on the mountaintop, there’s always fire in the furnace!”

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