Omerta (2011)

Starring former pro boxer Paul Malinaggi, Will Wallace, Joe Estevez (The Zero Boys), Adam Nelson (Mystic River), Joe D’ Onofrio (A Bronx TaleGoodfellas), and Carmen Argenziano (Sudden Impact), Omerta tears the lid off the secrets of Bensonhurst, a place where connected men own all of the political and legal power. Yet one man learns that the code of loyalty simply means being a street soldier in a battle that he can’t win.

At once a religious and a mob movie, Omerta is written and directed by four-time Emmy nominated Craig Syracusa (Ring Of FaithWalk in Faith) and has music by Ceazar Reyes and Raekwon from The Wu-Tang Clan.

From the office of a priest to a bloody battle on the streets, mob fans will find something to like in this film, if only to see some of their favorite actors from those films in different roles.

You can watch this on Tubi or get the DVD from MVD.

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