Interview with Suzanne DeLaurentiis from Suzanne’s Saturday Night Scares

Suzanne DeLaurentiis, whose credits include producing Rocky V, Mannequin 2, 10th & Wolf, D-Railed and many more has a new series. Suzanne’s Saturday Night Scares is your opportunity to watch a wide range of classic horror films with Suzanne providing wrap-arounds that explain more about the movie while sharing fun facts and tidbits from behind the scenes. Plus, Suzanne brings in guests like Morgan Fairchild and Lara Parker of Dark Shadows to add more to each episode.

We had the opportunity to discuss the new series with Suzanne as well as her career.

B&S ABOUT MOVIES: We’re really excited about your new show and loved getting to watch the first two episodes. What led you to want to do the show?

SUZANNE DELAURENTIIS: I’ve always loved horror. I’ve always been a fan, even though my company does so many different types of movies. We do comedies, musicals, drama, a little bit of everything. I was trying to think of something that was low stress and fun.

My friend Lee Turner hosts a show called After Hours Cinema and it’s a very successful show. We spoke and I said, “Hey, I want to do something like you’re doing but with a different spin. So we shot the first couple of episodes and now we’re really anxious to start shooting more.”

B&S: It’s exciting that Messiah of Evil was one of the first ones you’ve shown.

SUZANNE: I think it’s really awesome and well done. We have probably 70 or 80 movies that we’re going to be showing. So I’ve got some really great ones in the lineup that I think everyone will enjoy.

B&S: Any that you can give us some spoilers for?

SUZANNE: Not too many, because we want to keep it kind of a surprise to the audience. But I can tell you the next one we’re doing is Nightmare Castle with Barbara Steele.

B&S: The first movie that we saw your name on was D-Railed. I really loved it because it jumped, pardon the pun, from track to track in the story and was filled with surprises*.

SUZANNE: I had people criticize me for that. They said, “What is this? Is it a murder mystery? Is that a monster movie? What is it?” I said, “Well, it’s kind of a little bit of everything.”

B&S: It was unexpected. And you had a great cast!

SUZANNE: It was a tough one. We shot half in LA and all the water stuff on a set in Philadelphia. So we pretty much moved the company from LA to Philadelphia. I had a great group of people that were working back there to help us. We actually have a lot of veterans that worked on the crew. I have a program at my company called Operation Hollywood. And we train veterans to work on movie sets. It’s really rewarding to give back.

B&S: What other productions should our readers look out for?

SUZANNE: We have a movie in post-production right now called Reed’s Point, which is our version of the Jersey Devil. And we’ve got another movie called It Crawls Beneath about a guy that’s working in his garage and there’s an earthquake and he gets trapped under his car and then creatures come out of the cracks…it’s really fun.

B&S: So I have to ask, you were in the cast and crew of Mannequin 2

SUZANNE: Stewart Raffill, the director, was a good friend of mine and I had a small part in it**. And we were actually shooting that during the day and then working on Rocky V at night. Mannequin 2 was a lot of fun to work on and Stewart is a really talented director. He actually ended up directing a movie for me not long after that called A Month of Sundays with Rod Steiger.

B&S: You’ve really been all over the place with the films you’ve produced — in the best of ways.

SUZANNE: I have to say my most favorite of all was the mafia drama that I shot in Pittsburgh in 2015 called 10th and Wolf. Pittsburgh is an interesting town to shoot in, because it can also double for Philly or New York City.

We really appreciate the time that Suzanne spent with us and hope that everyone checks out her series Suzanne’s Saturday Night Scares. You can watch the first episode, Sisters of Death, on Apple TV and Amazon Prime. The second episode, Messiah of Evil is also on Apple TV and Amazon Prime.

Want to learn more about Ms. DeLaurentiis? Check out her official site.

*You can watch the film on Tubi.

**Suzanne is the nightclub waitress during the dancing in the club scene.

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  1. Thanks so much for reaching out to us, Ms. DeLaurentiis, and choosing little ol’ B&S About Movies out of Pittsburgh to let the world know about your new project.


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