Redemptio (2019)

This docudrama, which combines real interviews with seven inmates of the Catlagirone prison with reenactments of their crimes, is the creation of writer/director Fabio Cillia.

According to the film’s distributors, One 7 Movies, “Redemptio is a docufilm of its own kind: thanks to a special permission from the Italian Ministry of Justice, Redemptio presents seven authentic interviews to inmates held in the Catlagirone’s jail (Sicily). All the interviews are genuine, as those men tell the story of their lives in prison: what they dream, what they hope, what they need. Different stories from different men, convicted for various crimes, from robbery to murder. Different men but with a common fear: what is expecting them outside, once they will finally be released.”

It’s kind of strange that One 7 Movies put this out, as they usually release stuff like Sex and Black Magic or Sex, Demons And Death. But if you’re interested in what a true crime documentary from Italy would be like, then you should check this out.

You can learn more by checking out CAV Distributing Corporation‘s site, who is releasing this in the U.S. or watch it on Amazon Prime.

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