No, the Case Is Happily Resolved (1973)

Between the giallo and the poliziotteschi, No, the Case Is Happily Resolved is all about what happens when a rich man gets away with murder. After all, the eyewitness won’t even testify, so the actual killer claims that the witness is the murderer and that he saw it all.

Professor Eduardo Ranieri (Riccardo Cucciolla, Rabid Dogs) made eye contact with common man Fabio Santamaria (Enzo Cerusico, The Dead Are Alive) after killing a woman with a metal bar. The poor man decides that going to the police isn’t worth the effort and how it would tear his life apart, so he just goes home to his wife (Martine Brochard).

Only reporter Giuseppe Ferdinando Giannoli (Enrico Maria Salerno, the brother of the director and also Inspector Morosini in The Bird with the Crystal Plumage) thinks that something is wrong, but in Italy, as in the U.S., the system is not made to protect the innocent. It’s there to protect those that can afford it.

The film’s distributors wanted a more upbeat ending than the ambiguous one that the director (who also made Savage Three, which is also in the Arrow Video Years of Lead set) preferred.

Savage Three is one of five movies on Arrow Video’s Years of Lead: Five Classic Italian Crime Thrillers 1973-1977. These films are great examples of the Italian poliziotteschi genre and the set includes high def versions of this movie, Savage ThreeColt 38 Special Squad, Like Rabid Dogsand Highway Racer. There’s also an interview with director Vittorio Salerno and this movie’s alternate ending. You can get it from MVD.

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