Creature from Cannibal Creek (2019)

Take a look at this little guy in this movie. He’s awesome. He looks nothing like the poster art at all and for that, I respect the hell out of this movie.

It’s also about a religious family that kills sinners and then uses the meat from those infidels to survive through the harsh winters. So, you know, cannibals and swamp monsters, or as the title promises, Creature from Cannibal Creek.

Writer, director, producer, cinematographer, editor, costumer, sound designer, even one of the guys who is wearing the suit — John Migliore did pretty much everything in this movie that takes everything you loved about The Hills Have Eyes, moved it to a more watery setting and then brought in Swamp Thing.

How much influence does Wes Craven’s movie have on this? One of the bad guys is named Neptune!

If you love swamp horror and cannibals…do I even have to finish that sentence? I had a blast watching this one. I can fully admit that it’s a goofball cheap movie, but you know, the lifeblood of this site remains within films exactly like this.

You can watch this on Tubi or get the DVD from Wild Eye Releasing.

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