License to Drive (1988)

Somehow, watching teen movies means watching so much of the Coreys. This time, Haim is Les Anderson and Feldman is Dean, with Haim’s character trying to get his driver’s license to that he can impress Mercedes Lane (Heather Graham).

He fails the test multiple times, but still takes his grandfather’s 1972 Cadillac Sedan de Ville out for a spin and dings it up, trying to get Feldman’s character to fix it. Ah, the days when you were counting the days to get your license and then getting in trouble as soon as you got it.

On the day of Corey Haim’s death (March 10, 2010), Feldman revealed that he and Haim had been developing a sequel that was to be called License to Fly that would be followed by another movie called License to Dive. Yes, these guys were planning a License to universe.

Greg Beeman, this movie’s director, also made Mom and Dad Save the World, which is a pretty decent effort.

Neither Corey Feldman nor Corey Haim had a driver’s license when they started making this movie. So there you go.

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