Homework (1982)

You know, I always thought that this movie had Joan Collins in it. And yeah, it does. But it also doesn’t. That’s because the day before the film’s premiere, Collins — along with Betty Thomas, Carrie Snodgress and Lee Purcell who said they made the movie under false pretenses, not knowing it was going to be a sex comedy — took legal action to get their names removed from this movie.

Collins claimed that the film’s advertising was misleading and she was right. That’s because she had only performed in a minor supporting role shot two whole years earlier in the time before Dynasty made her a big star. Homework now had her in a sex scene with an obvious body double and that image was featured in all of the advertising until a federal court ordered those ads to stop.

Jensen Farley Pictures, you did it again.

This may be the only movie that James Beshears ever directed, but he also edited Luigi Cozzi’s Hercules and The Incredible Melting Man. Recently, he’s served as the editorial and post-production executive on animated movies like The Boss BabyTrolls and the Shrek films.

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