PCU (1994)

At one point in human history, Jon Favreau was not making Marvel and Star Wars movie, but was instead playing a character in a teen sex comedy. Also, at this very same moment, Jeremy Piven would be seen as a heroic character and not the creepy scumbag that we always feared that he could be.

That said, if anything, this is a movie that will teach you not to wear the shirt of a band to that band’s concert.

PCU (Port Chester University) is a college where fraternities have been outlawed and political correctness runs rampant. This movie is probably prescient in that way, as forward-looking as a movie mostly concerned with drugs and sex can be.

Much like The Warriors, the school has moved from frats to gangs of like-minded students such as the heroic gang of The Pit, the antagonists known as Balls and Shaft, the Womynist House, the Afrocenterists, the Cause-Heads and Jerrytown.

Hart Bochner — Doc from Terror Train — directed this movie. He also made HIgh School High, which is a lot more of a parody than this. Supposedly he didn’t allow much ad-libbing, which Piven brings up in interviews, but then Bochner claims he did.

At least it has a good soundtrack. BeyondParliament-Funkadelic appearing in the actual film, Mudhoney covers Elvis Costello’s “Pump It Up” and you get some Redd Kross.


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