Zombie Nightmare (1987)

Straight out of the suburbs of Montreal, Canada*, Zombie Nightmare was originally written to start black actors but the money people wanted white character names and actors. Yes, that really happened.

After baseball practice, William Washington saves Molly Mekembe from two thugs who kill him. A few years later, a similar fate befalls his son Tony (Jon Mikl Thor!) when he stops a robbery and is then hit by a car driven by Bob, Amy (Tia Carrere), Jim (Shawn Levy, who would goon to direct Big Fat LiarCheaper by the Dozen and the Night at the Museum movies), Peter and Susie.

Tony’s mother — wearing the same sweater as Pamela Vorhees — brings in Molly, who is now a voodoo priestess, and then uses her son’s zombie form to get revenge on the teenagers. As the murders begin, crooked cop Tom Churchman (Adam West) is on the case and man, he likes to shoot things. I guess that corruption and a love of guns are a few of the prerequisites of being a police officer.

Man, the casting for this movie makes me overjoyed. Tony was originally played by bodybuilder Peewee Piemonte, who I assure you is a real person and has been in Barb WireMy Demon LoverUnder SiegeWeekend at Bernie’s II and over three hundred credits for stuntwork. Well, the story is that Piemonte was fired for eating all the craft services and the meals of crew members. Superstar Billy Graham was originally going to play Tony’s father, but no one picked hi, up at the airport. Yes, that really happened.

Beyond Thor contributing music from his band and doing the soundtrack under the name Thorestra, Motörhead, Virgin Steele, Girlschool, Fist and Death Mask songs are in this movie. There’s also a song by Thor’s then-wife and backup singer Rusty “Pantera” Hamilton (note that the cover of the DVD says Pantera, which isn’t a lie but isn’t the truth).

As for the director and producer of this movie, Jack Bravman, the majority of his film career was in the adult industry, using names like Wizard Glick, J. Angel Martini and Looney Bear.

You can watch this on Tubi.

*Writer John Fasano, who acted in Blood Sisters and painted the poster for Tenement, wanted to set this in his hometown of Port Washington, New York, but they could not get permits.

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