Cruella (2021)

Patton Oswalt once famously yelled of the Star Wars prequels, “I DON’T GIVE A SHIT WHERE THE STUFF I LOVE COMES FROM! I JUST LOVE THE STUFF I LOVE!” This was in a time before movies like Joker took the villains from our favorite old films and made them someone that we could care about and perhaps even come to love.

To wit: the only thing I know about Cruella de Vil from One Hundred and One Dalmations is that she’s fixated on murdering, well, a hundred and one little dalmatians just so she can get a new coat. That really doesn’t sound like someone I want to know more about, but here we are with a movie with a MAC cosmetics tie-in and an anti-heroine that can pretty be Arthur Fleck for the Hot Topic set.

Craig Gillespie comes from advertising into directing and it shows, as he’s great at breaking this movie into set pieces that have very unique looks. His films are hit and miss with me. I was fine with I, Tonya but his Fright Night is an abomination. Here, he’s making a decent movie, albeit one that is two hours and fourteen minutes, which seems about twice as long as this movie needs ot be. Imagine if I had the attention span of a child! Oh wait, I do!

Did you ever wonder how Cruella met her henchmen Jasper and Horace? Were you lying awake at night wondering who her mother was and just why she hated dalmatians so much?

Probably you were, if you watched this. This film was enjoyed in our home because there was a dog named Wink who was a chihuahua and we all know how much those tiny yet feisty beasts are beloved in the B&S About Movies HQ.

I guess if you have kids and you want to introduce them to popular music, this is a decent movie to do so. I’m still failing to see any reason for why it exists, but I could say that about so many of the sequels and remakes and reimaginings that I find myself watching.

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