REPOST: Threshold (2020)

EDITOR’S NOTE: We first shared this entertaining and innovative film on May 7. Now that Arrow Video is releasing it on blu ray, we’d like to remind you of it so that you don’t miss it.

After years of no contact, a phone call reconnects Leo (Joey Millin) with his sister Virginia (Madison West). Their estrangement comes from her years of drug abuse and when he finds her, she’s seemingly going through an overdose. However, she tells him that she’s been clean for eight months thanks to a mysterious group that has revealed themselves to be a cult. Worse, they have tied her emotions and feelings to a dark man that she has never met. She begs Leo to help her find him. She agrees that if her story is not true, she will finally go to rehab. Yet in the midst of this emotionally charged time, Leo starts to realize that Virginia may be finally telling the truth.

Threshold was improvised and shot on two iPhones over the course of a 12-day road trip with a crew of just three. It’s the second movie by co-directors Powell Robinson, Patrick R. Young and producer Lauren Bates. It’s not a traditional horror film, but builds to a dense and dark ending. And hey — it’s 78 minutes, which is pretty much the perfect length.

You can now get Threshold on blu ray from Arrow Video. It comes with two different commentary tracks (the first with directors Powell Robinson & Patrick R. Young, producer Lauren Bates and lead actors Joey Millin and Madison West as well as a second one with the directors Powell and editor William Ford-Conway); a making-of documentary; a color correction breakdown; an indie director roundtable moderated by Scott Weinberg with directors Robinson and Young along with Brandon Espy (We Follow You), James Byrkit (Coherence), Zach Donohue (The Den) and Elle Callahan (Witch Hunt); another roundtable about acting in indie horror moderated by Zena Dixon with the actors West and Millin (Threshold), plus Kelsey Griswold (Followed), Gabrielle Walsh and Ryan Shoos; the soundtrack to this movie; the script; the trailer and orginal teaser; and an image gallery.

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