Separate Ways (1981)

Karen Black is unhappy with her marriage, so she prays with her knees upward with a younger man (David Naughton! who also worked on Kidnapped!, the final film of Howard Avedis) after catching her husband, played by Tony Lo Bianco, aardvarking with one of his used car saleswomen.

So begins the exploration of how a woman finds herself and tries to determine if marriage still makes sense in 1981. I’d say that this is a tender exploration of relationships and how the sexual revolution has changed male and female dynamics. But then I saw the Crown International Pictures logo at the beginning and that Howard Avedis directed this and I realized that we’d be seeing Karen Black in all manner of skimpy costumes.

That said, man, I’ll watch Karen Black in anything. Even this.

But hey — there’s a small role for Sybil Danning, as well as Sharon Farrell. And let’s not forget Sybil also starred for Avedis in his next “affairs” flick, They’re Playing with Fire, and Angel Tompkins seducing her students in The Teacher.

Also — put this into your Letterboxd list of “Movies that have exotic dancing clubs where no one ever gets nude.”

We found a copy to enjoy on You Tube.

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