BRUNO MATTEI WEEK: Hanna D. – La ragazza del Vondel Park (1984)

Remember Christiane F.Hanna D. could be her Italian cousin, but one who doesn’t come from a place of true story but from a not-so-distant exploitation place. Where Christiane’s story served to warn others — and got all manner of young girls across Europe to head off to the places in the movie and do drugs — Hanna’s odyssey is one meant to titillate.

Yes, Hanna (Ann-Gisel Glass, who was also in Rats: The Night of Terror) has no issue using her body to either make old men uncomfortable or to make money. Her mother (Karin Schubert, Emanuele Around the World) mainly is in her life to argue with her and to get drunk. So is it any wonder that she descends into a world of drugs and depravity?

This was directed by Rino Di Silvestro, whose oeuvre is filled with the type of repellant stuff that I put into my eye veins, just like the frankly disturbing as fuck scene in this movie where someone injects junk directly under their eyeball, the kind of magical trash that had to make Lucio Fulci shout, “Che è un gioco!” You may know Di Silvestro from making Italy’s first women in prison movie, Women in Cell Block 7, as well as Deported Women of the SS Special Section and Werewolf Woman.

Di Silvestro didn’t finish this movie, but his editor did. That man’s name? Bruno Mattei, who knows all about making films that shock, repulse and bring great joy to people who wonder aloud, “You know, I wonder why no one has ever made a movie where someone evacuates drugs out of their rectums immediately followed by someone gobbing it down?”

If you’re that person, get help. And get Hanna D. – La ragazza del Vondel Park, which is the motion picture you’ve been looking for.

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