The Slayers (2015)

Two cult members named Nigel and Job learn that a comet is about to destroy the world in just fourteen days, so they decide to go on a road trip. As their motorhome tours Scotland, they discover that vampires need to be stopped as part of God’s plan so that they can end their existence in good conscience.

The first full-length film by writer/director John Williams (who also has five acting parts), The Slayers in no way takes itself seriously and you should approach it with a sense of good humor. The comedy gets a bit ridiculous in here and it may go on a bit longer than it should, but you should find at least a good laugh or two.

I can honestly say that it’s the only end of the world vampire movie that I’ve seen, so that’s definitely something worth finding.

You can watch this on Tubi. Wild Eye has also released this on DVD (and were kind enough to send us a copy).

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