Devil Fetus (1983)

Twelve years ago, a married couple purchased an antique vase that possessed the wife, which led to her death from demonic-driven homicide after some cloven-hoofed arrdvarkery and also her husband throwing himself out a window after he also turned into a goopy faced demon.

Now, that very same demon has fulfilled its curse and come back to possess their nephew.

This isn’t the kind of possession film that you’ve come to expect here in America. This is Hong Kong Category III sleaze where people tear their own faces off to expose maggots, where family dogs are eaten intestines first, cakes are filled with worms, real eagles get killed proving that Italy does not have a copyright on real animal violence in films which is usually my tipping point and then, a monk shoots lasers.

It also has a character named Uncle Fuk.

There is, however, no devil fetus.

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