Wolf Devil Woman (1982)

Chang Ling/Pearl Cheong wrote, directed and starred in this martial arts opus that tells the story of a young girl who taken from her parents and raised by the legendary White Wolf of a Thousand Years. Growing up in the unforgiving permafrost of Cold Ice Peak, she learns how to use her animal, monster and kung-fu skills to find and destroy the man who killed her parents, who is known as Red Devil.

This takes the same story as The Bride with White Hair and goes absolutely insane with the wire kung fu sequences and gives our heroine a hat that looks like it was made from a stuffed dog toy. You have no idea how happy that fact makes me. She also has nunchukus that look like claws and kills hundreds of enemies in what seems like seconds.

As little sense as much of this action makes, the fact that the dubbing is so bad — it makes Bob from The House by the Cemetery seem restrained by comparison — that it becomes wonderful. Who would think to have a villain that has killed everyone Wolf Devil Woman has ever loved should sound like a Southern gentleman at best and Foghorn Leghorn at worst?

An absolute must-see.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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