Antitrust (2001)

Also called and Startup — yes, these are the most nineties titles ever — Antitrust shows what I always expected from those way too cool-looking corporations. I once worked in an ad agency that had a sliding board and that thing was only used by guests. We’d all been hurt on it and knew better.

After creating a startup called Skullbocks, Stanford graduate Milo Hoffman (Ryan Phillipe) is recruited by NURV (Never Underestimate Radical Vision) CEO Gary Winston (Tim Robbins). The job comes with a ton of pay, an insane office and complete creative control. Before you can say dot com boom, Hoffman and his girlfriend Alice (Claire Forlani, who if born a few decades sooner could have been a giallo queen) move to Portland to start their future.

The funny thing is this company wanted Hoffman so bad, they invented this girlfriend just for him. Oh the 2000’s, when hackers were played by attractive people and had attractive problems! And when the company starts investigating Rachel Leigh Cook, well, our hero must make a choice over the big Bill Gates billions — we all know who Robbins is playing — or going back to hanging out in a sweatsock smelling room with his buddies.

You know how sexy this movie was? The film heavily features Linux and its community, even having Miguel de Icaza and Scott McNealy show up in the trailers. Man, this movie is all about open source! Are you panting and breathing hard yet, teenagers? How about if I tell you that actor’s names in the beginning are all HTML code from their IMDB profiles?

Why not live 2001 all over again and check out the Antitrust website?

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