A Visitor of a Museum (1989)

After an ecological disaster, our planet has been divided and decimated into survivors and mutant degenerates. There also exists the rumor of a museum that has all of the information of the past that can only be found when the tides are at their lowest.

Directed by Konstantin Lopushanskiy, this is one of the few examples of Russian post-apocalyptic film that I can think of. It’s also one of the bleakest ones I’ve ever seen, a movie that establishes a soul-crushing mood from the first frame and only getting rougher from there.

So about that museum. There’s only one day a year when the tides are low enough to walk along the ocean floor to visit the place where information still exists and humanity still has part of its soul. Perhaps there’s something more inside that place. There could be a portal that leads to another — and better — world away from this burned-out hell.

This isn’t one of those fun end of the world movies, but that doesn’t mean that you should skip it.

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